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Family law matters are very personal and sensitive, and the attorneys of Gray & Becker, P.C., are committed to protecting their clients’ privacy and helping them to achieve swift and favorable outcomes. The firm exhausts all opportunities in an attempt to resolve family law issues in the most amicable way possible without the need for costly and time-consuming litigation.

Our family law attorneys recognize, however, that some circumstances require decisive action through litigation. These experienced litigators pride themselves on their ability to anticipate and prepare for trial well in advance. As with the firm’s other practice areas, the family law litigators handle all of their own appeals, drawing on their experience appearing before the Texas Supreme Court.

Experience Navigating Family Law Issues Faced By Business Owners

The legal team’s family law work is enhanced by the firm’s extensive experience with business law, making the intersection of family law and business law a natural fit for the lawyers. Many of the firm’s family law clients are business owners facing complicated legal issues regarding the effects of divorce on their businesses, business ownership, and management.

Our family law attorney team also has experience with other family matters, including:

Marital Agreements, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: These contracts are not just for the wealthy or spouses coming into marriage with significant disparities in personal assets. Marital agreements can act as a kind of divorce insurance, making the process easier, faster and more amicable, if divorce ever becomes necessary.

High-asset divorce: Couples with significant assets face greater complexity when divorcing, and it takes an especially experienced and skilled attorney to meet the needs of these clients. We can help you with complex property division, including second homes, automobiles, valuable collections and a diverse portfolio of liquid and illiquid assets.

Spousal support and contractual alimony: Many believe that spousal support/alimony is antiquated, but it still plays an important role in ensuring that neither spouse is left destitute in divorce. The application of spousal support is genderless, meaning that either gender can be payers or recipients. Whether you are seeking support or being asked to pay, we will work to ensure that the court receives an accurate financial picture and rules fairly on the issue.

Child custody: This is often the most contentious and heartbreaking aspect of divorce. No parent wants to be without their children, but compromises often need to be made. We will work to create/negotiate a custody agreement that meets the best interests of your children and allows you to maintain a strong relationship with them.

Enforcement and modification of child custody: If your spouse refuses to abide by the custody agreement or is violating certain provisions, you may need to return to court in order to force compliance or modification. Our family law attorney team will argue vigorously on behalf of you and your children.

Post-decree modifications and enforcement actions: It is sometimes necessary to seek changes to court orders for child custody, child support and spousal support/alimony. Whether you are seeking a change or trying to preserve the existing order, we will help you present the strongest possible case to the court.

Name changes: These are usually simple and straightforward matters that accompany a divorce. We offer help in this area as part of our commitment to comprehensive client representation.

Family violence issues including protective orders and restraining orders: Allegations of domestic violence can considerably complicate divorce or custody proceedings. If you’ve been the victim of domestic violence, the dedicated team at Gray & Becker, P.C. can help you pursue a safe divorce or fight to ensure that your children do not have to live with your abuser. Conversely, if you’ve been the victim of false allegations of domestic violence, we will fight to ensure that the court learns the truth and that your spouse is not allowed to make defamatory claims without consequence.

Family law mediation: Litigation is not always the most effective or efficient avenue for divorce or custody matters. For spouses and/or co-parents who are able to negotiate in good faith, mediation often proves to be more effective, less expensive, faster and more amicable than litigation. 

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