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Our firm is skilled in achieving the best solutions in child custody matters through negotiation, settlement, and mediation. Additionally, if litigation is the only option, our knowledgeable attorneys are ready to represent clients in family law matters in court too.

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I can’t say enough amazing things about Patricia Dixon and Ryan Doughay! Best family law team in Austin! They’ve represented me and my children for the past few years and have gotten us through some really tough and scary times. I honestly do not know what I would have done without them. They are professional, thorough, compassionate, and go above and beyond in every way. Thank you for changing our lives for the better!

Tracy Fike

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I’ve worked with Nathan Kennedy at Gray & Becker since 2017. I consider the entire firm extremely courteous and professional. Whatever my needs were, they were happy to help and provided me an honest opinion. Even if the opinion was not the one I wanted to hear. I recommend Nathan and this firm to anyone that may need assistance in Family Law or Estate Planning.

Ford Hook

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I consulted Lisa Londergan for some family legal advice. Lisa was not only extremely knowledgeable but able to use her vast network to ensure I got the best legal advice possible. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone seeking a lawyer.

Shannon Ensor - 2/26/22

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If you have children with your partner, you may find that it’s impossible to sever ties with your partner completely. Some custody cases are amicable and are easy to resolve…

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