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Nathan Kennedy

"Family law and divorces don’t have to be as hard as they are sometimes. Good lawyers on both sides of a case can substantially impact the costs incurred and the amount of goodwill destroyed between the respective parties. After the attorneys are out of the picture, the only real currency between ex-spouses is goodwill and it is hard to rebuild that which you burned during the divorce process."

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Client Testimonials

Nathan assisted me and my family in settling my grandfather’s estate. Of course this is a difficult time to begin with, and this was somewhat compounded by the fact my grandmother is 91. Nathan was compassionate and professional, and handled everything in a very timely manner. The estate was settled without any issues and I very much felt that we worked as a team through the whole process. I have no hesitation recommending Nathan and will absolutely call on him with future legal needs.

Matt - 1/19/17

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I’ve worked with Nathan Kennedy at Gray & Becker since 2017. I consider the entire firm extremely courteous and professional. Whatever my needs were, they were happy to help and provided me an honest opinion. Even if the opinion was not the one I wanted to hear. I recommend Nathan and this firm to anyone that may need assistance in Family Law or Estate Planning.

Ford Hook

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From my first visit, I felt like Nathan listened to every word I said and showed concern about my pending situation. My ongoing experiences throughout our working together, made me feel like they were genuinely concerned about me and my integrity. If I wandered off course, Nathan would guide me back online! Fantastic results!

Jamie Wells