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Client Testimonials

John Jacks is knowledgeable and, something important to me, is his honesty and candor. I am a commercial real estate broker with 41 years of experience. John is my exclusive real estate attorney and I go to him to review commercial contracts and leases. He is responsive, professional and prompt in his work. I also go to him for legal advice on other issues. I have found him to be very helpful. In all of this, I also count John as a friend and someone I can count on, when needed.

Al M.

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I have had the privilege of working with John Jacks of Gray & Becker on several occasions. Most recently Mr. Jacks represented my business in an ADA non-compliance lawsuit, which resulted in a very favorable settlement agreement …

Kenny Eldridge

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I would not hesitate to recommend John Jacks of Gray & Becker, P.C. He is of the highest caliber both professionally and ethically. Mr. Jacks, due to his honesty, knowledge, professionalism, and timely communication, made my litigation process far less stressful than it could have been. Furthermore, I always felt like he had provided me with all the information and appropriate advice warranted for me to make the most suitable decisions regarding my case. Overall, relying on Mr. Jacks as my legal counsel turned out to be an excellent decision and, therefore, I highly recommend him.

Morgan - 2/8/14

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Mr. John Jacks was friendly, thorough, knowledgeable, timely and professional during the several months he represented me. His work was complicated because I live in another state and I was limited in my ability to travel to Texas. I believe my case settled fairly, because of Mr. Jacks integrity and his legal skills.

Jack Miller

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Exceptional Work from an Excellent Attorney + Human-being. At the outset I want to say this; John is a consummate gentleman, he is generous, kind, well-spoken and well-mannered with a keen sense of humour. He is extremely ethical and processes the highest of integrity. John’s command of the law was always impressive. His advice was on point, well considered and strategically thought out with his attention to detail impeccable. He was a strong advocate and negotiator for me throughout the lengthy disturbing process. I am, and always will be incredibly grateful to John…