Complex Property Division Lawyer Austin TX

Complex Property Division Lawyer Austin TXWorking with a complex property division lawyer Austin TX depends on may be one of the best steps a person in the process of divorce can take. While divorce, in many cases, may appear to be fairly straightforward, this is not always the case. In some situations, couples may find themselves at odds, having difficulty reaching any common ground for critical agreements that need to be made. It should come as no surprise that divorce’s financial impact can be difficult for many, and you will want to do everything in your power to reduce the potential effects. Understanding community property and its complexities will be essential. Additionally, contacting our team at Gray & Becker, P.C., can provide clients with many benefits during this challenging and often litigious time. 

Understanding Community Property in Texas

In Texas, when two people are engaged in the divorce process, community property law applies. Meaning, in most cases, all assets acquired by the couple during the time of their marriage should be divided equally. Determining which property is separate and which is considered community may be challenging to sort out. Essentially, separate property are assets acquired before the marriage. The following are reasons that marital property might be challenging to navigate without the assistance of an experienced Austin TX complex property division lawyer that you can depend on:

  • Assigning a proper value to property will be critical, and in some cases, each party may dispute over the value of an asset. If each party disagrees over certain assets’ value, it may be challenging to agree on a proper amount. As a result, a professional’s assistance may be required. 
  • Locating assets can be challenging. Making sure that all assets are disclosed will be essential to divide property adequately. Unfortunately, in some situations, one party may withhold or attempt to hide assets during the divorce to retain them. 
  • Any property you have may likely be your greatest asset. Much of the time, the most significant property to sort out will be the home you once shared. In some cases, divorcing couples may disagree over what should happen to the home. One party may wish to sell, while the other may want to keep the house. To reach a resolution, the home’s value will need to be known to determine whether one person can possess the property. 

The last thing any person wants is to reach agreements or receive a divorce settlement that is inaccurate or less than they deserve. This is a primary reason to seek the services provided at our law firm. 

Benefits of Contacting a Lawyer

Divorce can be a difficult time where emotions are running high, and parties are vying for what they feel they are entitled to. There can often be an exhaustive list of things that parties will need to reach agreements around, including child custody, assets, property, child support, spousal support, and much more. Because of the complexities involved, there are several reasons that a person might benefit from the guidance and experience that a lawyer can provide:

  • To make sure that you do not make agreements that are not in your best interest
  • To help reduce the stress you may be under during this difficult time by having a legal professional who can strategize your case and successfully navigate the criminal system
  • To ensure that assets are appropriately valued and distributed fairly
  • To help keep the interests of both you and your children at the forefront
  • To make sure that nothing is left out of the agreements you develop
  • Because your ex-spouse is likely to have a lawyer representing them as well

Gray & Becker, P.C. has extensive experience with the intricacies of family law. Our team wants to make sure that fair agreements are made. Proper and equitable division is vital, but we also know that there are many other issues close to the heart, including developing agreements over how you and your ex will share in the custody and care of your children. Take control and gain the representation you deserve by contacting our Austin TX complex property division lawyer for assistance.