5 tips for Selecting Your Divorce Attorney

  1. Solicit three to five attorney referrals from trusted sources. These referral sources may be family, friends, therapists, financial advisors, or attorneys in other practice areas.
  2. After you have received a number of referrals, research the attorneys using their website, online reviews, and attorney blogs or publications.
  3. Set up an in person meeting with the attorneys that meet your qualifications and criterion. This in person meeting may cost you a consultation fee but this fee is well worth it to gain knowledge and gauge whether you mesh with the attorney.
  4. During the office conference ask the attorney how much of their practice involves settlement and litigation, their relationships with other attorneys in the community, their hourly rate, and ask their advice on any linchpin issues in your divorce.
  5. Your attorney should not only be a good attorney, but a good person. Pick someone you have rapport with and trust.