Visitation Rights Lawyer Austin Texas Visitation Rights Lawyer Austin Texas

A visitation rights lawyer in Austin, Texas from Gray Becker, P.C. knows that the relationship between a grandchild and grandparent can be of great importance and influence. Unfortunately, due to events such as a divorce, death, or estrangement, families may be torn apart. Parents or other guardians may block contact between children and grandparents, due to family relationships being severed. Grandparents may be left wondering whether they can take legal action to remain in contact with their grandchildren. 

Because this scenario has become more common overtime, the state legislature started enacting statutes for grandparent visitation, to protect their right to have a relationship with grandchildren. Every state in America has some kind of visitation law specifically for grandparents. If you are interested in asking the court to grant you visitation with your grandchildren, then we suggest contacting a visitation rights lawyer in Austin right away for help. 

Laws Vary By State

The laws regarding grandparent visitation can vary based on the state you reside in. A child custody lawyer Austin, TX families trust can inform you about the laws for the state of Texas, and how this may impact your case. The laws can differ greatly from state to state, such as who is eligible to petition for visitation rights, what situations would enable a grandparent to file, and under what circumstances the petition would be granted by the court. 

Each state has laws for to what extent parents have a right to manage their child’s upbringing. Some states see grandparent visitation as a minor infringement on the parent’s rights, while other states are more protective about when it is appropriate to enforce grandparent visitation. As your Texas visitation rights lawyer in Austin from Gray Becker, P.C. may tell you, the court is likely to focus on what is in the best interest of the child or children when making their decisions about visitation. 

Taking Steps Towards Visitation

There isn’t a firm rule for when a court will approve and grant visitation to granparents, as every situation has its own unique merits and facts. But with help from a visitation rights lawyer in TX, grandparents can take steps to increase their chances of obtaining the right to visit grandchildren. The court may consider the past relationship the grandparent has had with the child, and tend to look favorable on cases where there is a dependable and caring relationship. We may suggest writing down each attempt in contacting the parent to speak with or visit grandchildren, as evidence you want to remain in that child’s life. Useful information to provide to your Austin, TX visitation rights lawyer during a consultation include:

  • Gift receipts for packages you have sent your grandchildren
  • Phone call logs showing how often you have tried to contact your grandchildren, and whether the parent allowed a conversation or not
  • Witness contact information who can support your claim that visitation is in the best interest of your grandchild

Please do not hesitate to contact an Austin visitation rights lawyer from TX at Gray Becker, P.C. for help regarding visitation rights.