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Texas Child Custody Law FirmSharing the custody of children is not easy, especially when you and your ex-spouse live far apart. As a Texas child custody law firm, we know of many families who reside in different parts of the United States, or even other countries. These parents tend to require creativity and careful planning to ensure they create a custody or parenting plan that accommodates the needs of the children as best as possible. There is no single plan that will work for every family; therefore, it may be a good idea to ask a child custody lawyer for help. 

Understanding The Key Issues

Before you can put together a child custody or parenting plan, you must think about various issues that could arise as a long-distance family. For example, when couples divorce and one parent moves far away, there are many obstacles that can present itself. In cases where each parent lives close by, custody may be shared. In other words, the children may be moved between each house every few days. Or, the children might reside primarily with one parent, but visit the other parent on a regular basis. 

When a parent is living many hours away, it is crucial to plan ahead. By doing so, issues such as the following might be addressed by the legal team from your child custody law firm in Texas:

Education: If your children are in school, their educational needs will need to be addressed. Even though one parent might be able to take time from work, the children cannot be pulled from school at any given time. 

Transportation Fees: Once a visit has been arranged, transportation costs should be discussed. Some parents will split the costs while in other cases, one parent might cover everything. These details should be discussed with the other parent and your lawyer from a Texas child custody law firm. 

Travel Arrangements: After travel expenses have been organized, you and the other parent should discuss how the children will get to the parent. For example, will the distant parent travel to the children? 

Communication: It is very important for children to communicate with both parents. Therefore, while working things out, how the children talk with their long-distance parent should be discussed. Daily phone calls, emails, video chats, and so forth are all viable options. 

Visitation Provisions – If the long-distance parent will be coming to your home to see the children, you should think about how to handle this. Think about whether or not the long-distant parent should stay in the home or get a hotel. Will the long-distant parent be staying in another residence, and if so, will the children be visiting there. Other considerations should include who will be in the home (if the long-distant parent is staying in someone else’s home). 

There Are Solutions for Long-Distance Parenting Plans

Once some of the primary issues have been addressed, you should do your best to work with the other parent and your child custody lawyer Austin, TX families trust to find a practical solution. Although no situation is exactly the same, there are some standard long-distance custody arrangements that seem to be suited for many families. Some of these include:

  • Regular, scheduled visits (i.e. about once a month)
  • Scheduled trips (i.e. children visit for at least one week or more)
  • Scheduled visits around school breaks

Are You Ready to Find the Right Child Custody Plan?

If you would like to work with a child custody lawyer to develop a long-distance parenting plan, call a lawyer call the Texas child custody law firm of Gray & Becker, P.C. today.