Custody Modification Lawyer Austin, TXCustody Modification Lawyer Austin, TX

If you’re sharing custody of your child and your circumstances have changed, you should speak to a custody modification lawyer Austin, TX residents trust. He or she can help you make the appropriate modifications in court. Here are a few common reasons to change a custody order:

Physical Relocation

If you have to move to a new city or town, whether for professional or personal reasons, it may be necessary to change your custody agreement. For instance, if your child spends every other weekend with you and you have to move out of state, it would be unreasonable for the other parent to make travel arrangements that frequently.

Failure to Properly Take Care of a Child

Each parent must provide his or her child with adequate shelter, food, clothing and other necessities. If a parent fails to do that, the other parent has the right to modify a child custody order. However, understand that you and your custody modification lawyer in Austin, TX must provide the court with solid proof that your child isn’t being taken care of properly.

The Custodial Parent Has Died

If the custodial parent has died, it’s obviously necessary for the court to make a custody modification. In most situations, the court will want the child to live with the remaining parent. However, alternative arrangements can be made if necessary. For instance, if the remaining parent isn’t financially stable or the child has expressed a strong interest in living with other relatives, the court may make other arrangements.

Loss Of Income

If you have lost your job or have experienced a significant reduction in income, you should consult a child custody lawyer in Austin, TX. If you aren’t making the kind of money you once were, it obviously becomes much more difficult for you to pay your current child support. A judge may lower your payments until you make more income again.

One Parent Won’t Follow the Custody Terms

It can be extremely frustrating when one parent refuses to follow the child custody order. Whether the parent isn’t returning your child on time every week or taking your child out of town without your permission, you can petition to modify the custody order in court.

The Child’s Needs Change

As children grow, their needs will change. For example, if your child needs orthodontic work or has to go to a private school, the court may have you pay more child support.

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