Property Planning Lawyer Austin, TX

Property Planning Lawyer Austin, TXOur property planning lawyer Austin, TX recommends, has seen firsthand the devastation that can occur when someone fails to plan for their future. Estate planning is critical, and still, people continue to put off the process. While the process of estate planning is often put off, it doesn’t have to be as dreaded as many are led to believe. While there are several reasons to prioritize estate planning, there are many mistakes people stand to make during the planning process. It will be in your best interest to find an experienced estate planning lawyer to avoid these mistakes. After extensive research, you will find that Gray & Becker, P.C. can provide you with the support and experience you are looking for:

Failing to Make the Proper Updates 

Estate plans aren’t something you can create and file away for when the time comes. They will need to be updated over time. It’s only natural for a person to undergo life changes, and because of this, an estate plan should be reviewed and updated every 3-5 years. Also, should you experience any of the following, it will be in your best interest to speak with your estate planning lawyer in Austin, TX, about updating your estate plan: 

  • Divorce
  • Remarriage
  • Birth or Adoption of Children
  • Moving to Another State
  • Change of Assets

Not Developing a Plan for Your Children

If you have minor children or adult children with disabilities planning for their care will be critical. When estate planning, you will want to make sure you identify a guardian who will provide them with the care they will require. You will want to clearly outline who will care for them, including instructions for how they will be financially cared for by the estate. 

Not Making the Proper Beneficiary Designations

Assigning a beneficiary can make it easier to transfer assets to heirs upon your passing. Forgetting to name beneficiaries may require that these accounts to pass through probate, which means heirs may experience delays and unnecessary expenses. When planning an estate, you will want to make sure that beneficiaries have been named on all accounts and that they align with the contents of the estate plan. 

How To Find a Lawyer

Many people put off developing an estate plan because the process seems cumbersome. Finding a lawyer can feel taxing and even overwhelming. However, the process doesn’t have to be as cumbersome as it’s made out to be. Be aware that taking the time to find a lawyer will be critical: 

  • Search for a lawyer with experience in estate planning
  • Ask prospective lawyers the percentage of cases they take on that is for estate planning needs
  • Ask for recommendations from people that you know
  • Conduct internet research
  • Have a clear understanding of the attorney’s fee structure

When developing an estate plan, you will want the very best, a lawyer who can protect your interests and guide you through making some of the most challenging life decisions. Many estate planning lawyers can assist with developing an estate plan and representing the executor with the smoothest process possible. 

Gray & Becker, P.C. has been dedicated to representing clients since 1983. We have a reputation for helping our clients achieve the best possible outcomes. Our team has both the passion and drive needed when making life’s most critical decisions for the future. For prospective clients, the time to take control of the future is now. Contact our Austin, Texas, property planning lawyer for the support you need today.