Durable POA Lawyer Austin, TX Durable POA Lawyer Austin, TX

If you need to select a durable power of attorney for your estate, you should get in touch with a durable POA lawyer Austin, TX residents trust. A durable POA of attorney is one one of the most important estate documents you can have. A skilled lawyer can help you draft the document accurately and efficiently.

What Is a Durable POA?

A durable power of attorney is a legal document that allows another person to handle your financial and legal matters if you become mentally incapacitated. He or she will take care of important matters on your behalf, such as paying bills, watching over your investments and paying taxes.

What Should You Look for in a Durable POA?

Assuming the role of a durable power of attorney is a huge responsibility. Here are some important characteristics to look for in a DOA:

  • Trustworthy: A power of attorney will be in charge of all your financial and legal matters, so he or she must be someone you can trust. Make sure that you can trust him or her to follow your wishes.
  • Lives Close: Your durable POA lawyer in Austin, TX will advise you to select a POA who lives fairly close to you. If an emergency comes up, you know that this person will be nearby.
  • Assertive: Being a durable POA is not easy and involves many difficult decisions. That is why it is important to choose a POA who is assertive. This person should be able to stand his or her ground when under pressure and not give into other people’s demands.
  • Communicative: It is important to appoint a power of attorney who has excellent communication skills. He or she should feel comfortable clearly explaining your wishes to your family. This person should be capable of getting to the point quickly and answering people’s questions.

Before you appoint a POA, you should discuss the decision with the person. Clearly explain the duties and ask the person if he or she is willing to accept the responsibility.

Should You Appoint Alternate Agents?

Your estate planning lawyer in Austin, TX may advise you to select more than one durable POA. If the person you originally selected can’t perform duties because he or she isn’t ready for the responsibility or becomes incapacitated, you at least have a backup.

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