Deceptive Trade Practices Lawyer Austin, TXDeceptive Trade Practices Lawyer Austin, TX

Contact our deceptive trade practices lawyer in Austin, Texas for a complimentary case review. In Austin and throughout the state, deceptive trade practices are not unusual as they include a wide range of disputes. The Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA) includes everything from customer complaints about advertised products to litigation involving service agreements and warranties. If your company is accused of engaging in deceptive trade practices, or you would like to file a claim, contact our lawyer in Austin, TX who can protect your firm’s best interests.

Our lawyers at Gray & Becker, P.C. have decades of combined experience providing aggressive legal representation and guidance to clients who have been accused of violating the DTPA or who have been victimized by a deceptive company. Contact us to learn if our deceptive trade practices lawyer in Austin, TX will take your case.

We Win Cases with Hard Work and Aggressive Representation

Gray & Becker, P.C. has a successful record because of our commitment to our clients. This begins from the moment we accept a case. Our deceptive trade practices lawyer in Austin, TX performs extensive due diligence and develops a claim or rebuttal in consideration of all pertinent details. This is an incomplete list of the legal services we offer in the area of deceptive trade practices:

  •         Sales tactics that involve advertisements of a product that is later substituted with an inferior product upon the customer’s interest in purchasing the original product. This is commonly referred to as a “bait and switch” deceptive sales method.
  •         A dispute regarding the warranty of a product.
  •         The misrepresentation of a service or the features of a product.
  •         Providing consumers with misleading and/or false information about a product or service.
  •         A breach of contract in regard to a service or the installation or maintenance of a product.

The Deceptive Trade Practices Act

The State of Texas passed the DTPA in 1973. Its purpose is to protect consumers from fraud and misrepresentation on the part of retail and service oriented businesses. In 1995 the Act was revised to limit the amount of damages that victims can claim along with other changes. This important legislation can be confusing when it comes to filing a claim or a lawsuit against a company for deceptive business practices. Gray & Becker, P.C. focuses on cases that are affected by the Act as we have a thorough understanding of how this legislation can affect business litigation. Whether the issue you have is with another business or an individual, our deceptive trade practices lawyer in Austin, TX can handle your case. If your company is in the midst of being investigated by the Texas Attorney General, we can handle your case. Regardless of the circumstances you’re in, contact us at Gray & Becker, P.C.

Recover Your Damages Under the DTPA

If you are a private or business consumer who was defrauded under the DTPA, you may be eligible to recover your damages from the resulting losses. In some instances, damages may go beyond financial sums and include mental anguish. If the Court determines that the defendant was intentionally fraudulent, they may award you up to three times the amount of your total damages in addition to attorneys’ fees. Contact Gray & Becker, P.C. to schedule a complimentary case review with our deceptive trade practices lawyer in Austin, TX.