Breach of Contract Lawyer Austin Texas Breach of Contract Lawyer Austin Texas

When the terms of a written agreement are violated, many business owners turn to a breach of contract lawyer in Austin, Texas from Gray Becker, P.C. for help. When two or more parties write and sign a contract, the goal is often to promise to do or not do something, in exchange for value (such as for goods or a monetary amount). There are various reasons why a person in business may have obligated themselves to someone else, and then ended up breaking the contract. Within the contract there are terms that must be abided by, and if that party fails to hold their end of the bargaign it may cause problems for the other person’s business. 

If you are interested in reaching a resolution or taking action against a party who breached your contract together, then we suggest meeting with a contract dispute lawyer Austin, TX residents rely on from Gay Becker, P.C. right away.  

Verbal Contracts

Sometimes in business, people make verbal contracts and then shake on it. But unfortunately, if something goes awry, there may not be a way to hold this person accountable in court. That is why a breach of contract lawyer in Austin will probably recommend writing an official contract if you haven’t already for a verbal agreement. It is good practice to put key contracts in writing, if possible. Written contracts tend to be easier to litigate as there is explicit, clear evidence that lists the terms of the agreement. Otherwise, in court, it’ll just be your word against theirs, leaving plenty of room for misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Remedies for Breach of Contract

During a consultation with a breach of contract lawyer in TX, we may suggest trying various strategies to remedy the situation. Based on the damages, pursuing legal recourse may not be worth the time, money, or stress. If the other party is particularly hostile and inflexible, then taking legal action may only worsen the matter, leaving you in even further financial hardship. Sadly, this is a reality of breach of contract litigation.

Your Austin, TX breach of contract lawyer from Gray Becker, P.C. can talk with you about how to implement the following remedies for a violation in contract terms:

  • Actual Damages: plaintiffs may be able to recover financial compensatory damages in order for the situation to be ammended. Depending on the factors of the breach, the plaintiff may be entitled to punitive damages, which can range upwards of seven times the compensation amount.
  • Specific Performance: the court may remedy the contract breach by making the breaching party perform the duties they were supposed to as described in the contract. Specific performance is a remedy often used when monetary damages are not sufficient.
  • Restitution: the plaintiff may choose to cancel the contract entirely and pursue restitution. This differs from compensatory damages in that the intent is to restore the plaintiff to their position before the breach occurred.

If you are in need of legal help for a breach of contract, please contact us to speak with an Austin breach of contract lawyer in Texas from Gray Becker, P.C. immediately.