Grant helped me through my divorce – the most tough days during my life. From this July until November, when facing my ex-husband’s various noncooperation and insane revenge, Grant, as my attorney, he presented his professional ability and great knowledge of the family law, besides considering cost control on my behalf; Grant, as my friend, he walked me through the stressful and frustrated timing. Finally, I become officially single and I am able to start over the life with my baby. When Thanksgiving is approaching, I really appreciate Grant’s assistance and consideration. Otherwise, I won’t be able to get rid of the horrible relationship. Thus, I strongly recommended him.

After a bad first attorney experience, I was desperate to find good representation for my child visitation order and got more than I had hoped for. Grant and the rest of the team at Gray and Becker far exceeded my expectations in regards to my legal representation. Not only was Grant very professional and thorough, he was also personable. From the moment we met to discuss my case, I knew I was in good hands. He kept me in the loop, provided me with great advice and even helped me through some bad, very emotional situations. Don’t let his limited experience fool you, he’s good! I was constantly put at ease and knew I could count on him to have my back. He was also very detailed and efficient. He made me feel important and that’s not something most people get from an attorney. I would recommend him to anyone needing representation in regards to Family Law and Visitation. He is nothing less than AMAZING!

When I decided to divorce my husband of seventeen years I consulted several attorneys before choosing Nathan. From our first meeting, he made me feel completely at ease. We clicked immediately.

Nathan listened to my case and advised me on what he felt was the best course of action. He assisted me in coming to an agreement with my husband that we could both live with, enabling me to get on with my life.

My divorce was final in 62 days, a record for Nathan that has yet to be broken to this day.

The title says it all. I was overwhelmed in a family law case and had it coming from all angles and it just wouldn’t stop. I had been to a couple of different lawyers in the past and no one seemed like they really cared about my outcome. I stumbled upon Nate. Man, what I blessing! Nate was able to provide me the protection and cut through the seemingly never ending legal hassles. He put a stop to it and continued to look out for me proactively. I can’t say enough about how good my family and I feel to have him in our corner. I consider Nate a trusted attorney and friend.

Nathan assisted me and my family in settling my grandfather’s estate. Of course this is a difficult time to begin with, and this was somewhat compounded by the fact my grandmother is 91. Nathan was compassionate and professional, and handled everything in a very timely manner. The estate was settled without any issues and I very much felt that we worked as a team through the whole process.

I have no hesitation recommending Nathan and will absolutely call on him with future legal needs.

While divorce is NEVER an easy thing and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy, Nathan made this process as painless and streamlined as possible. First, the main reason I chose to use Nathan in my non-contested, mediated divorce was because of his authentic nature. Starting from our first meeting, his first questions of me were geared at determining if I could still work things out with my ex. How many divorce attorneys do you know that try to DETER you from using their services?!

Every action he took and every question he asked was intended to minimize the trauma and maximize my healing process. It was obvious, while he has to make a living, he is not out to pull tricks or convince his clients of actions to be able to bill more time. This was especially appreciated, as divorce puts you in such a vulnerable mindset and I can see how other lawyers may be have exploited this emotional instability to their monetary advantage.

Nathan, thank you, from my deepest place of appreciation. You helped me navigate one of the most difficult and traumatic times in my life with grace, kindness and competent advice.

It has remained evident throughout the entire process that you have a genuine concern for your clients’ emotional and financial needs.

All the best to you. Your future clients are in very good hands.

I went through two lawyers prior to retaining Nathan and was in desperate need of help – and QUICKLY! Even though I was in the midst of a high-conflict divorce and custody battle with the odds stacked against me, he was able to get my case amicably settled out of court. I never dreamed that would be possible considering the amount of animosity my husband had against me coupled with his unlimited financial means. If I had retained Nathan in the very beginning, I truly believe the outcome of my case would have been vastly different and much less stressful. He really DOES care about his clients. He is kind and generous and does an amazing job taking as much weight off your shoulders as he possibly can and carries it for you. Divorce and custody issues are painful for everyone and he understands this. When going through this process, we tend to focus on issues that are highly emotional to us, but aren’t necessarily important to our case. Nathan will not only listen to you but he will also help you discern the issues that are relevant vs. irrelevant, thereby allowing you to free your mind of topics that aren’t worth wasting your energy on. He has an uncanny ability to think outside the box and propose alternatives for both sides to consider when they disagree on an issue. Most of the time both litigants, and their lawyers, see only two options when trying to negotiate on a point of contention – one option favors one litigant and the second option favors the other litigant. Nathan swoops in like a superhero and throws out these intuitively creative alternatives that stops everyone in their tracks and makes them think, “Well…..that seems fair to both of us.” It’s a gift and he’s got it. Caring, intelligent, intuitive, creative, kind, calm, thorough and modest. What more could you ask for?

Nathan Kennedy saved the relationship my young son and I share. If it weren’t for some rather brilliant, strategic moves by Mr. Kennedy I wouldn’t have be spending any time with my son and my ex-wife would have moved 1,200 miles away. I can’t thank or praise him enough for what fantastic work. He was an excellent lawyer from day one, through temporary orders to mediation, to the trial, he was also an amazing counselor during the darkest days of the divorce, keeping me calm and focused. He has a great sense of humor, which during such a brutal divorce/custody battle helped me tremendously. After speaking with other people who’ve been through similar divorces as mine, Nathan seemed much more strategic, caring, and smarter than the attorneys my friends had. He knew the most important aspect of my case was restricted geographic so I could continue a loving relationship with my son and even though we had many stones being hurled at us, we made it to the other side, and I now have a great possession schedule and joint managing custody. Which is long way from sole custody and unrestricted geographic. He directed me to a wonderful co-parenting coordinator, so during the divorce I could start to have more time with my son, another brilliant strategy. After the divorce decree was finalized he remains incredibly helpful and a great counselor with advising me on getting additional possession time. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a divorce attorney.

Nathan Kennedy was a blessing in a very diffucult time in my life. He worked hard on my case and I could also count on him. He was very professional and he always kept me informed. I would send anyone to him who is looking for an attorney who will work hard and stand by his personal ethics (and his just happen to be stellar). Thank you Nathan for everything! —Andrea Garza

When I first met John, I was worried because my ex-husband had hired a very well known lawyer from Bell Co who has a reputation for raking people of the coals. I was fooled! John is a very polite gentleman with proper manners and ethics. Do not let that fool you. He is a hard worker, very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer. I was so emotional during this time, but John was so patient with me. He encouraged me and gave me great advice along the way. He also reminded me he was looking out for me and was going to get me the very best settlement.
John worked late hours and on weekends preparing for court, deposition and mediation. He did not put up with Carol Prater’s rude and sarcastic attitude during these meetings. John is very strong at advocating when we went to court and also when we went to mediation. He is a strong negotiator. The end results I received a very good settlement.
The firm of Gray and Becker are so lucky to have John along with his legal assistant Susan Jennings. Susan has taken my calls on weekends and helped me though a few bumps in the road. Not just with getting John informed but to talk me though a melt down or 2!!!
I hope whoever reads this never goes though a devastating divorce like I have, but if you do John is on all levels the person to call. He did not want to just keep dragging this on unnecessarily to trail just for extra money and the extra emotional stress on me. Which is what the other lawyer, Carol was hoping to do.
John traveled to Williamson Co. for court and mediation. Thank you John for all you have done. At this time, I see a new path in my future. I can not thank him and say enough about his good hard work.

Patricia helped me through my divorce and both my ex-husband and I found her to be knowledgeable, professional, and fair. She did a brilliant job of making sure we understood all aspects of our case and made sure we worked in the best interest of our child. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!

Going through a divorce is not easy especially when there are children involved. I know very well since I divorced my baby daddy twice. I had an idea of what the divorce process would look like and even had a copy of my first decree. Even so, Patricia Dixon did an amazing job of showing me the things I missed or had not been pointed out to me by my first lawyer. My ex decided not to get a lawyer and I was the go between. Patricia was extremely patient and supportive of how I should handle things. Her experience and knowledge proved to be invaluable. Her genuine caring and concern of my case kept me calm during a time that was very chaotic and overwhelming. I am extremely thankful and grateful that I had one of the good ones on my side.