Real Property Lawyer Austin, TX

Real Property Lawyer Austin, TXA real property lawyer Austin, TX residents depend on may be the right step towards developing an estate plan and protecting your real property. When the time comes, it will be critical to make sure that your final wishes are carried out and that there is no confusion over how real property and assets are distributed. When planning for the future, you will need the professionals at Gray & Becker, P.C., to keep your interests at the forefront and answer the many questions we know that you will have. 

What is the difference between real property and real estate?

Real estate and real property may sound like the same concept, but they make up different things. Real estate encompasses the land and other things that are located on the property. This could include things like land, natural resources, structures, and more. While real property refers to real estate, it also encompasses the rights associated with the property. This may include information about the use and ownership of the property. 

What is the best way to protect real property? 

One of the best ways to protect real property during the estate planning process is to contact a lawyer. Estate planning property can help to develop an estate plan that incorporates real property to ensure asset protection, consider joint tenancy, capital gain planning, and more. 

What are the common reasons to contact an estate planning lawyer?

While developing an estate plan can be relatively easy with an estate planning lawyer in Austin, TX, several issues could arise should you forgo the services they provide. Working with an experienced lawyer can assist with making sure the correct executor is identified, estate taxes are taken into consideration; there is a plan for your children’s care, and more.  

Can I create an estate plan without the guidance of a lawyer?

When the time comes to create an estate plan, the prospect of seeking a lawyer’s help can seem not only costly but overwhelming. While there are many online tools available to those looking to save money by creating their estate plan, this may not be recommended. While you might save money when developing your estate plan, it may come at both some level of risk and ultimately cost you more money in the long run. Online tools do not take into account local state laws or your specific needs. A lawyer can not only listen to your wishes but help you and your loved ones retain as many of your assets as possible. A lawyer can also help save money when it comes to estate taxes, the expense of a lengthy probate process, and more. 

Gray & Becker, P.C. have been representing clients for over 30 years in all matters related to business litigation, estate planning, family law, and more. As a distinguished group of professionals serving the state of Texas, we pride ourselves on both our accomplishments and the services we provide to our clients. We are not only committed to serving you; we are passionate about the law and have a deep commitment to our clients. We want to help you develop an estate plan that leaves nothing to the imagination. Get started with our services without hesitation by contacting our Austin, TX real property lawyer as soon as possible.