Parental Rights Lawyer Austin, TX

Parental Rights Lawyer Austin, TXEmergency Custody Lawyer Austin, TXA parental rights lawyer Austin, TX families, recommend knows firsthand the emotional impact that child custody disputes can have on both parents and children. These proceedings can be litigious, emotionally fueled, and incredibly challenging to endure. As a parent, engaging in a child custody situation can be incredibly stressful, as you will want to make every effort to ensure that your child receives the best care possible. As a prominent lawyer serving Texas, Gray & Becker, P.C. knows that you will have extensive questions regarding the process. This is why securing our services will be a critical step to take when facing legal entanglements that pertain to child custody. 

What steps should I take when filing for custody of my child?

Likely, the decision to file for custody of your child wasn’t something that was taken lightly. While there are many types of custody agreements, negotiating child custody is often challenging and emotionally fueled. Whether you are in the process of negotiating child custody or considering a modification of a current arrangement, it will be critical to contact a lawyer. A lawyer can ensure that the proper paperwork is completed and filed with the courts and will work to negotiate a custody agreement. In some cases, litigation will be necessary and legal representation will be critical to ensure the best possible outcome. 

How is child support impacted if I gain custody of my child?

Depending upon the arrangement that is made, child support is likely to play a factor. Even when a marriage or relationship has ended, parents are responsible for providing for their children’s needs. A child custody lawyer Austin, TX shares that two of the most critical considerations are each parent’s income and the amount of time children spend with each parent. While calculations for child support vary from state to state, typically, when determining child support, the courts will review:

  • The child’s specific needs
  • The amount of time spent with each parent
  • The income of each parent
  • The age of children
  • Their standard of living before the divorce

When can a child choose which parent they want to live with in Texas?

It’s important to know that a child cannot officially choose which parent they want to live with until they reach 18. However, once a child reaches 12, they can file with the court to identify the parent they would like to live with. However, despite this, the court must still approve the child’s request. 

How does the court system make decisions over who will have custody of a child?

This is a complicated question to answer and will certainly depend upon case specifics. Several factors will contribute to this decision, and each party will be responsible for presenting evidence in support of their case. Be aware that the court will review the information provided to them to decide the child’s best interests. 

How long does a child custody dispute take to resolve?

When both parents are unable to reach an agreement, child custody disputes can not only be costly but result in long, drawn-out legal processes. Should this occur, it will be critical to carefully consider when lengthy litigation is the most appropriate way to proceed. In some cases, highly contested custody cases can take anywhere from 6 months to a year and even longer to resolve. 

Gray & Becker, P.C. knows that child custody situations can be an incredibly complex emotional process. Parents vying to care for their children may experience a variety of emotions as a result. The process can be time-consuming, costly, and emotionally draining. However, we know that this process may be essential to you and your family. Our team will work closely to understand your case and your specific needs and fight for your rights throughout the process. Start today with a parental rights lawyer that you can trust in Austin, Texas.