Property Division Attorney

In divorce, asset division increases in complexity as the variety and value of the property at issue grow. Some types of assets are very easy to value and divide, but others, such as real estate and retirement accounts, are more challenging and require special attention. This issue is further complicated by the parties’ emotional attachment to certain assets or a standard of living.

The attorneys of Gray & Becker, P.C., are knowledgeable about these issues and have developed numerous strategies for approaching property division. Over the firm’s decades of experience, the legal team has created a network of trusted professionals who assist with asset valuation, including CPAs, tax advisers, appraisers, and business valuation experts. The lawyers are also experienced with the complex matter of dividing international property.

Consequently, the firm is well-positioned to help clients with the valuation and division of investments, along with many other types of assets, including:

  • Real estate
  • Retirement accounts, including 401(k) accounts, pension plans, and IRAs
  • Life insurance policies
  • Frequent flyer miles and other reward programs
  • Country club memberships
  • Gym memberships
  • Vehicles
  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Stock options and restricted stock options
  • Investments
  • Oil, gas, and mineral interests
  • Business interests

In every divorce, the firm’s objective is always to protect the client’s interests. Experience has shown that out-of-court settlement is typically the most prudent course of action. The legal team has developed effective strategies for applying leverage to achieve a client’s goals.

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