Child Custody Attorney

Legal proceedings involving children are often very emotional, causing stress for the children as well as the parents. Family law matters involving highly emotional issues such as child custody, support and visitation rights, and geographical restrictions can become exceedingly adversarial and contentious. In these cases, it is crucial not to lose sight of what is most important: the best interests of the child or children involved.

Our family law attorneys are familiar with the many options available to parents regarding physical custody, visitation, and decision-making authority. The firm has experienced great success at achieving workable arrangements through negotiation, settlement, and mediation. The legal team also has experience with custody modifications and enforcement of custody orders.

When compromise is not possible, the firm’s outstanding litigators are prepared to bring family law matters to court.  Although litigation is not an ideal course of action in custody matters, the firm has the skills and experience necessary to succeed in the courtroom.

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