Divorce And Business Division

When one or both spouses own a business, the prospect of divorce can have far-reaching implications for the business as well as the family. Changes to the governance, operation, and ownership of the business may be necessary. Additionally, each party’s business interests must be accounted for and accurately valued.

The law firm of Gray & Becker, P.C., provides strategic legal counsel for business owners undergoing divorce. The firm’s attorneys understand the legal nuances and challenges that business owners face and how those issues can impact the divorce proceedings. Equipped with extensive knowledge of business law as well as family law, our legal team provides insightful analysis to protect clients’ assets in property division.

Business-Savvy Guidance

The firm provides guidance through all aspects of transitioning a business during divorce, including:

  • Determining a feasible leadership arrangement
  • Minimizing the impact on business operations
  • Negotiating severance or noncompete agreements
  • Working directly with a team of experts to value business interests
  • Pursuing tracing and reimbursement claims to protect clients’ separate property
  • Negotiating buyout provisions where joint ownership is not feasible

As skilled negotiators, the firm’s attorneys have strong records of success in resolving complex cases through out-of-court settlements. Such resolutions often minimize the financial and emotional toll on clients. When settlement is not possible, however, our legal team is well-equipped to protect clients’ interests in litigation. The firm’s lawyers are accomplished litigators, and the firm has earned a respected reputation for prevailing in sophisticated litigation matters.

Business Valuations

Securing an accurate business valuation can turn the tide in complex property division proceedings. At Gray & Becker, P.C., we enlist the expertise of appraisers, tax professionals, forensic accountants, and other trusted professionals to shore up clients’ positions with robust evidence. This approach is but one example of the high levels of diligence and dedication we bring to every case.

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