Contested Divorce Lawyer Austin, TX

Contested Divorce Lawyer Austin, TX

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If you have kids and you suspect that your divorce process is not going to be amicable, please contact an experienced contested divorce lawyer Austin, TX residents trust, and please do so as soon as you can. Too often, individuals hesitate to contact a family law attorney until they’re ready to file divorce papers. In reality, it can be very helpful for many reasons, including property and asset division strategy, to speak with an attorney well in advance of your divorce. If you have kids and/or significant property and your divorce is likely to be contentious, it’s best to carefully plan when you’ll begin both the legal and practical transition of ending your marriage.

Timing a Contested Divorce When You Have Kids

Our Austin, TX contested divorce lawyer team has extensive experience helping clients successfully navigate contested divorce processes. Generally, couples seek a contested process when they fundamentally disagree on one or more issues related to property and asset division, child custody, and/or child support. Additionally, domestic abuse victims are generally advised to seek a contested process so that they aren’t saddled with lengthy negotiations and/or mediation sessions with their abusers.

Timing a contentious divorce process is a delicate business. Contested divorces are generally lengthier than amicable processes, because they often require multiple trips to court. You may have valid reasons for a contested process or you may be forced into a contested process because your spouse isn’t interested in an amicable split. Whatever the reason, especially if you have kids, you’ll need to be careful about when you file.

If your kids are going to be moved from their current residence, you’ll likely want to time your divorce so that the move doesn’t overlap the holidays or important periods in their schooling. You’ll also want to avoid filing papers until you have a strong sense of where everyone is going to live and how they’re going to make ends meet. More chaos than necessary in a child’s life can be bad for their development. With that said, if you need to act quickly to protect them or yourself from harm, that’s a different story. If you’re in this position, please connect with us immediately so that we can help you navigate your next steps.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Timing your divorce is critical, especially if you suspect that you and your spouse have fundamental differences that will make an amicable resolution to the process unmanageable. Know that you can schedule a consultation with the experienced Texas legal team at Gray & Becker, P.C. proactively, so that we can advise you regarding how to time your divorce process to accommodate your family’s needs. You don’t need to know exactly when you’ll file for divorce to receive guidance that will allow you to make informed decisions moving forward. Our Austin, TX contested divorce lawyer team is here to help at any time.