Commercial Landlord Tenant Lawyer Austin, TXCommercial Landlord Tenant Lawyer Austin, TX

No commercial venture wants to weighed down by a dispute over a lease, access to a property, or other similar matters can greatly affect their profitability. When issues like these arise, it’s crucial to handle them quickly and effectively to eliminate any undue hardship on a business.

At Gray & Becker P.C., we have a team of experienced commercial landlord tenant lawyers in Austin, TX, who can help you and your business seek the best resolution possible, in the most efficient time frame we can. We focus on achieving solutions that are acceptable and workable while protecting our clients’ rights at all times.

Common areas of commercial landlord/tenant disputes include:

  • Leases Agreements
  • CAM charges
  • Disputes involving easements, facility usage, signage, and security matters
  • Build-out disputes
  • Disputes relating to the consumer traffic promised before the construction of a shopping center
  • Other commercial landlord tenant disputes

With a commercial landlord tenant lawyer in Austin, TX from our team, you’ll know your business in the hands of an experienced litigator if you’re having difficulties in any one of these categories.

Negotiation And Mediation

There are many forms that a litigation between a commercial landlord and tenant can take. In many cases, the often most expeditious and cost effective route is through negotiation and mediation. This keeps our clients out of the courtroom, and allows our team to handle your litigation on an attorney to attorney level.  As a skilled commercial landlord tenant lawyer in Austin, TX, we have found that this method is often the preferred method, however, we are not afraid to take a case to the next level should negotiations and mediation not result in the most favorable outcome possible for our clients.

Getting Ahead of Litigation

The best way to avoid litigation is to properly establish the tenant/landlord responsiblities and agreement in the first place. With the help of a commercial landlord tenant lawyer in Austin, TX, carefully drafting a lease in such a way that it avoids or at least minimizes the possibility of future disputes over performance and terms, is far more cost and time effective than waiting until something goes wrong to fill in any agreement gaps.

At Gray & Becker, have prepared commercial of all kinds, and can help you and your business negotiate improvements in a proposed lease or re-negotiate the terms of an existing lease to better suit your company’s needs and to better protect your company’s rights.

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