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Child Custody Law Firm Austin, TXA divorce can be particularly challenging for children who have some ability to understand what is going on. For this reason, it is important for each parent to do their best in coming to an amicable solution in terms of child custody. As a leading child custody law firm in Austin, Texas, we work hard in helping parents to reach their goals while at the same time keeping the children’s best interests in mind. Often, carefully guided meditation sessions allow all parties involved to come to an arrangement that is fair, practical, and as satisfying as possible. Gray Becker, P.C., is recognized for our ability to bestow peace of mind through the divorce and child custody process. If you are looking for a law firm who cares, and is determined to get results for each client, call us today.

Why Choose Gray Becker, P.C.

Whether you are a parent who is seeking to come to a reasonable solution with your ex, or are involved in a dispute that feels as if it is escalating into something strenuous, a child custody lawyer Austin, TX families trust is ready to help you proceed with confidence. By choosing us as your legal advocate, you can know that we:

  • Will keep the best interests of the child in mind
  • Will explain to you the process and what you might expect
  • Can assist in drafting a parenting plan or time share agreement
  • Are ready to present the agreement to the judge for approval
  • Seek peaceful resolutions through out of court mediation 
  • Are innovative, strategic lawyers
  • Are well versed in the state, federal, and international laws
  • Can prepare emergency court documents in the event of a serious problem

To learn more about our lawyers,  give our child custody law firm in Austin, TX a call today. 

Understanding Child Custody

Each state has its own laws pertaining to child custody. In general, they are similar and can be arranged through mediation sessions that will involve you and your ex, as well as your child custody lawyers, or through a judge’s decision. 

Some states prefer a child to spend equal amounts of time with both parents; for example, in Florida this is the case. That being said, this is an ideal situation regardless of where your divorce and child custody case is. However, an agreement like this is not always practical. An Austin, Texas child custody law firm can review your situation and help you to understand what is best for you, your child, and as a whole. There are several forms of child custody that may need to be thought about, including:

  • Physical Custody – The location in which the child will primarily reside
  • Legal Custody – The ability to make decisions for the child
  • Joint Custody – Both parents having legal custody of the child
  • Single Custody – Only one parent having legal and physical custody of the child

What type of custody each parent will be granted will largely depend on whether or not an out-of-court solution can be arranged. A child custody lawyer may be able to help with this process. To learn more about our services, please call our child custody law firm Austin, TX has to offer.