Richard was thorough and clear in explaining to me the divorce process and time framework. He kept me well apprised of possible alternatives, contingencies and outcomes as we proceeded through the process. He answered all my questions in a clear, concise manner so that I always felt I was amply informed to make sound, educated decisions. The divorce process is a fluid one, and there is no such thing as a sure bet, but I always felt on firm footing in terms of understanding the possible outcomes and ramifications of my decisions. He helped me to be able to make decisions from a position of strength and calm and not be negatively influenced by the deluge of emotions that accompanied this process for me. Richard helped me maintain focus on my desired goal and gingerly worked through my emotional moments with me. Richard was very respectful of not only my, but all parties positions, feelings and emotions. This was very important to me and he handled this sensitive issue with grace and a delicate, compassionate demeanor toward all involved. I felt well informed, well educated, thoroughly protected, and respected, not only as his client, but as a person, a human being going through a difficult time. His high quality, compassionate professionalism was always in the forefront and never wavered. I never felt alone or isolated in this trying and painful process. I am 100% certain I made a good choice when I selected Richard to represent me in my divorce. I will readily recommend him to anyone, even those closest to me, for legal counsel in the future and will have no reservations in knowing that I am doing them a great favor by sending them Richard’s way. I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to post this review of a fine, knowledgeable, competent, thorough, caring attorney. Thank you.