When I first met John, I was worried because my ex-husband had hired a very well known lawyer from Bell Co who has a reputation for raking people of the coals. I was fooled! John is a very polite gentleman with proper manners and ethics. Do not let that fool you. He is a hard worker, very knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer. I was so emotional during this time, but John was so patient with me. He encouraged me and gave me great advice along the way. He also reminded me he was looking out for me and was going to get me the very best settlement.
John worked late hours and on weekends preparing for court, deposition and mediation. He did not put up with Carol Prater’s rude and sarcastic attitude during these meetings. John is very strong at advocating when we went to court and also when we went to mediation. He is a strong negotiator. The end results I received a very good settlement.
The firm of Gray and Becker are so lucky to have John along with his legal assistant Susan Jennings. Susan has taken my calls on weekends and helped me though a few bumps in the road. Not just with getting John informed but to talk me though a melt down or 2!!!
I hope whoever reads this never goes though a devastating divorce like I have, but if you do John is on all levels the person to call. He did not want to just keep dragging this on unnecessarily to trail just for extra money and the extra emotional stress on me. Which is what the other lawyer, Carol was hoping to do.
John traveled to Williamson Co. for court and mediation. Thank you John for all you have done. At this time, I see a new path in my future. I can not thank him and say enough about his good hard work.