Richard E. Gray IV was my Attorney throughout my divorce. He is a person with a great deal of integrity and ethical beyond what I was accustom to in dealing with other legal matters. One of the things I most respected about Richard is that he took the time with me and clearly explained my options as well as areas where I might have exposure that would put me at risk. Although I had a fairly reasonable knowledge of the law, family law can be tricky, where one person can attempt to become overly aggressive, which typically only extends the time and pain of reaching a reasonable settlement that can be agreed on by both parties. Richard has the ability to balance the views of both parties, while doing his best to, within the law, protect the interests of his client.

I would highly recommend Richard E. Gray IV as my representative in any matters as related to family law. To that point, I intend to use Richard within the next 4-6 monthly to draw up my Will, Living Will, and Power of Attorney. He is the best, he cares, and has a kind heart that put me at ease in dealing with a very painful time in my life.