My high conflict divorce started in mid 2010. At first, I hired a large firm in Austin, but was quickly unhappy with their handling of the case. I then hired Gray and Becker take over the case. Pretty soon after Gray and Becker was involved, the case settled in mediation. Immediately after the divorce was finalized, my ex-wife started violating the terms of the decree and appealed the case to an appellate court and then the Texas Supreme Court. Monte took over the case, and was amazing. Monte went back to court to hold my ex accountable for the violations, and the judge held my ex-wife in contempt. Finally after this, she quit violating the decree. Monte is not only amazing in trial court, she is also an excellent appellate lawyer. After 4 years total and 3 years of appeals, my case is finally resolved with both Courts ruling in my favor and enforcing the decree. I cannot thank Monte enough for fighting for me throughout this 4 year nightmare. I highly recommend Monte and Gray and Becker, P.C.