I went through two lawyers prior to retaining Nathan and was in desperate need of help – and QUICKLY! Even though I was in the midst of a high-conflict divorce and custody battle with the odds stacked against me, he was able to get my case amicably settled out of court. I never dreamed that would be possible considering the amount of animosity my husband had against me coupled with his unlimited financial means. If I had retained Nathan in the very beginning, I truly believe the outcome of my case would have been vastly different and much less stressful. He really DOES care about his clients. He is kind and generous and does an amazing job taking as much weight off your shoulders as he possibly can and carries it for you. Divorce and custody issues are painful for everyone and he understands this. When going through this process, we tend to focus on issues that are highly emotional to us, but aren’t necessarily important to our case. Nathan will not only listen to you but he will also help you discern the issues that are relevant vs. irrelevant, thereby allowing you to free your mind of topics that aren’t worth wasting your energy on. He has an uncanny ability to think outside the box and propose alternatives for both sides to consider when they disagree on an issue. Most of the time both litigants, and their lawyers, see only two options when trying to negotiate on a point of contention – one option favors one litigant and the second option favors the other litigant. Nathan swoops in like a superhero and throws out these intuitively creative alternatives that stops everyone in their tracks and makes them think, “Well…..that seems fair to both of us.” It’s a gift and he’s got it. Caring, intelligent, intuitive, creative, kind, calm, thorough and modest. What more could you ask for?