Patricia (Trisha) has been my rock through a very difficult divorce! My ex and I separated in 2006 but he has been refusing to give me a divorce. There were several other issues involved and it was just a huge mess! Trisha is very confident, tough but very compassionate, she handled everything brilliantly and kept me in the loop. I was extremely stressed out for all these years and she put me at ease, she took care of everything, esp serving papers on my ex, very quickly and had my back throughout the process. I don’t know how I would have gone through this process without her professional and emotional support. She puts the client’s needs and wellbeing first, her fees are not exorbitant and she will work with you in every way possible, even making it easy for you to handle this financially.

Her paralegal, Onetta Weedon, was very professional and efficient as well. All the staff at the office was wonderful.

I will be forever grateful to Trisha to finally give me peace of mind and see me through this difficult and stressful period.

I have already referred her to some of my friends and they are very happy with her as well.

I highly recommend Trisha to anyone who needs a brilliant lawyer!