I can honestly say Patricia Dixon brought me back to life! Last year I had finally made the decision to get out of a very toxic and abusive marriage however due to my pre-nup along with clout my husband had in our local area I found myself not finding an attorney in my local area that was encouraging whatsoever about challenging the pre nup. I basically was at the mindset I was going to be forced to continue spiraling down my staying or be put on a curb if I filed. God intervened and I had a prominent attorney that was unable to help me due to conflict of interest he did however refer me out of our area to Patricia. The difference in the whole way I was treated and talked to between her and other attorneys was remarkable ! Patricia was not only extremely knowledgable regarding challenging pre nup but she was understanding ,encouraging and honest from the time I hired her to the day my divorce was final she was amazing I’ve had limited experience with attorneys but the ones I have dealt with in the past never told me to call day or night , office phone or cell phone , email or text and even more shocking actually got right back to me day or night !!! My life has slowly been restored over the last few months where I am emotionally, mentally and physically in a whole new place and only looking up! Thank You Patricia